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Over the last 15 years or so I have been involved in a few work at home opportunities and  I know how frustrating and hard it can be finding something that works.  My name is Barb Rayner and I am going to share my personal journey.

After 12 years of marriage and being a stay at home mom with 2 children, I had to take a job out of necessity.  My husband made a bad career decision and wound up losing his job.  I took the first job offered to me and I have been working at the same company for over 26 years.  Not only did he make a bad choice but the debt load we incurred from credit cards and loans needed to be paid off.

What Could I do to get out of Debt?

Answer – earn  more money!  Okay,  so do I quit my job and find a better paying job?  How about a part time job?  I tried but nothing worked out.   That’s when I started looking on the internet.   After lots of browsing and reading I concluded that working from home was the best choice and my answer to financial freedom!  My dream and desire to earn money online was launched.

Now What?

I took the plunge and bought my first product.  Yes it was going to make me rich and I could do anything and be set for life financially.  Hah  joke was on me!  Was this a scam?  Yes and partly my vulnerability and being a newbie I fell for all the glitz and glamour and got emotionally trapped!  I was totally mortified and angry because I could not get my money back.  My first attempt was a dismal failure.

Could I Keep on Going?

Of course, I just laid low on the internet hunt as I was still stinging.  I bought a few cheap eBooks, as I was looking for information to help me understand the process of running a home business.  A family crisis strikes again!  My husband was now battling cancer and I put everything on hold to look after him.

Was 2007 a Bust?

Home business attempt number 2 was started.  I was so happy I found a turnkey business to run!  At this point I knew what I needed to look for and this business had it all –  Except the marketing side fell way short!  I stumbled and struggled through it and actually made $500.00.  Then the site owner created 2 spin off businesses.   What a nightmare!  I  called it quits.  Not for me!

My Life Goes On…

After I dropped my business I took a real hard look at my life plans.  Retiring at 55 and being debt free was not working out.  Bad choices and no back up plan left me caught between a rock and a hard place.  Then my husband passed away in 2011, and  I found myself yet again, in another financial crunch.

I’m so tired of working my job and life kicking me in the butt!  I work hard, do the best I can but I never gave up on my dream!

It is now 2015…

My AHA moment finally came true when I found The Wealthy Affiliate site.

I remember coming across WA when they first started out because  my website at the time was called online wealth something…..   the keyword phrase showed up in google search and that’s how I found WA.  Being new, there were not a lot of reviews for WA  so I had no interest plus I was with another program.  Who knew after 10 years I would meet up with WA?  Talk about Deja vu!!!  If they have been around for 10 years then they must be doing something right, right?

My turnkey business program no longer exists, it died and disappeared off the web within 2 years.   In fact most of the programs I was involved with way back when are no longer around.  I ‘ve been there and tried that so many times  yet again my curiosity kicked in.  I had to investigate WA and see for myself what keeps them going and surviving years after many programs have failed.

I still did my own research first by reading reviews so I had an understanding of what WA is.  I knew from past experience that the WA program was exactly what I was looking for!

I  am not a newbie but always found something was missing or incomplete and that’s why I was never successful.  I found Wealthy Affiliate is the best internet training/educational center out there.  They helped me pursue my passion through building my own website.  You need a website to be successful and that was my number one priority – I needed to learn how to build my own.  Learnt my lesson with having a turnkey site!  That is certainly not the way to be successful!  That’s what they do and they are not here to scam you.  Of course there’s lots of training,  community support and  keyword tools, WA has it all.   What they offer and provide has truly helped me get started on my path to success!   Oops I forgot to mention I got started for free!

My sole purpose for creating my site is to help people start making money from home.  I am always learning and by sharing my experiences, I hope this  will  help you when choosing an online business that works.

The End…nope just the beginning of “more good things to come”!

I look forward to quitting my job, paying off some debt, traveling , time with my family , doing what I want with no more debt hanging over my head!  It is time to enjoy the golden years of my life!

Again, I am Barb.  Wonderful to meet you and if  feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.  Drop me a comment below and I will reply as soon as I can.

Take Care





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