Buying A Domain Name

Time To Buy Your Domain Name – What Company is Best?go daddy

Upon the advice from other people, they had recommened GoDaddy, NameCheap and Name as the best and cheapest domain registars to buy your domain name from.  I personally choose to buy from GoDaddy as they had a special  purchase offer (at the time) of $2.99 for new customers for the first year only. Little did I know about the extra upsells that they want you to purchase this also includes Namecheap and Name (plus many others).name cheap

All these companies offer hosting, email accounts and privacy.  They provide other products -upsells – that cost extra money because they are not normally included with your initial purchase. Hosting and privacy are your main concerns and you only require these 2.

All  sites also have a “Whois” lookup where you put in a domain name and the owners personal information  showsname up  for anyone to see.  I don’t like the fact that  my personal information is floating around out there for any one to see!  My information should be private and I should not have to pay extra for this product.

It was early February 2016, when Wealthy Affiliate decided to enter into the domain market.  They now offer domain names.   The entire process of getting your domain set up is much more simplified.  Good-bye to the confusing processes where you have to change your DNS settings and the updating of your name servers.

The WA team knew what they were doing when they streamlined the process.  No more frustration, aggravation or hair pulling!  No more worries helped me focus on building my website.

Included in the domain pricing that WA offers is hosting, privacy and email accounts.  No upsells whatsoever. None! I also love the privacy feature and happy that it’s included in the price.

Check out the comparison chart below.  Compared to other domain registars you can see how much money you can save when buying domains at WA!

wa domains

When you purchase your domain from Wealthy Affiliate, everything listed above will be included also, you will be joining the best online business training center on the market today!  Because they teach success you can learn how to utilize your domain name and build your online niche business by following the step by step training lessons.

GoDaddy never offered for free how to teach me to build a thriving successful online business using my domain name!  It only shows you that all these domain registars are out to make extra money off of you.   Especially when you are first starting out, you might think you need everything they offer for a price, but you don’t.

As you can see in the above chart 13.99 a year for WA domain is incomparable.  Not only that but it is the cheapest place to buy your domain without jeopardizing quality and service.

My Final Thoughts…

Wealthy Affiliate is in their 11th year of providing the best training on how to build an online business from start to finish!  WA has helped me learn everything I know today.

I honestly hope you enjoyed reading my post.   Just trying to help you understand what the different domain hosting companies offer  in regards to service and upsell products.

If you have any further questions  or comments or if I can help you out in any way,  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.  I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Take Care