10 Key Benefits For Affiliate Marketing – Do They Matter?

By | August 9, 2016

Well heck YES!  These key benefits for affiliate marketing do matter!!!success1240830_640

If you are reading this, is it because you are wanting to change your financial situation to the better?   In general, is life kicking you in the butt?  Not sure what to do about it?

Hey I was in the same place you are.  I was in the same old rut day after day.  I knew how my work day was going to go.  Work dictates when I can go for lunch, coffee breaks, even work late without getting paid for overtime.

When they overlook employee raises for over 4 years  I guess their time put into work is not worth a raise.  I went through a lot of downsizing but more workload  to handle.  Co-workers were let go.  Am I next?

I wasn’t going to risk getting let go and I was not ready financially to retire.  My life was looking pretty grim!  So I decided to start looking for a way where I could own my own online business and have access to the financial freedom and success that I deserved!

I decided to get into the affiliate marketing business and become an affiliate marketer!

A Quick Introduction To Affiliate Marketing:

This form of marketing online has been around since 1996 and it is still the most popular, profitable, reliable and quickest method for making money online.

Affiliate marketing is basically a procedure whereby the affiliate (you) promotes other people’s products or services and upon the sale of that product you will earn a commission.  This process will benefit not only you but the merchant as well.

It’s as simple as finding a product you like,  promoting said product and earning a percentage of the profit for each sale you make.  The merchant will set the percentage rate you will make and he will pocket his share.

To help with your decision today I want to share with you why I choose Affiliate Marketing.

Please Consider These 10 Key Benefits For Affiliate Marketing!

1.  You are the Boss:  Being the boss of your own company is now your responsibility.  You make the decisions and you manage your business.  You work when you want and no more office stress or following office protocol.bosssilhouette-895681_640

No more long commutes, no making up extra hours for a doctor’s appointment, no more spending money on gas and car repairs.

You get to work from home!  Think of all the advantages for you and your family. No one is going to tell you what to do anymore, you are now free and in full control of your destiny.  I love this about affiliate marketing!

2.  Start Up Costs:  In order to get started with affiliate marketing you should have a website to ensure the best results.  Owning your own website is such a minimal cost as compared to starting a traditional business or a franchise.  I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t have $500,000.00 kicking around.

The cost for a domain and hosting is around $15 yearly.  This is  so affordable compared to running a franchise or owning a mom and pop store.

3.  More Time:  Let’s face it, having a job away from home eats up a lot of your time.  Maybe you have to work and extra job to help pay some bills. Your family will suffer as you will have little or no time at all to spend with them.

My family is important to me and with affiliate marketing I can choose when to work so I can spend and enjoy more time with my family.  You could also work part time as a lot of people do and still make a full time income.

4.  Minimal Risk:  With affiliate marketing one does not have to buy or invest any money in the product they are promoting.  If a product you decide to promote is not generating the money as expected, you can drop this product and pick another one.

There are literally thousands of products to promote and that’s why the minimal risk is so appealing to affiliate marketers.

5.  No Overhead – No Headaches:  This is a great benefit for affiliate marketing.  When you are the marketer for the merchant who owns the product, it is the merchant’s responsibility to have a place to keep his product and take care of the deliveries and look after all the financial transactions for his customers.

It is not the affiliate’s responsibility so you will have no overhead  and the merchant can have all the hassle and headaches when dealing with the customers.  You just take care of promoting and earning revenue!  That’s a pretty cool arrangement!

6.  Recurring Income:  One of the best benefits for affiliate marketing is that it provides a recurring income stream or  many income streams,profit-40603_640 when you join multiple affiliate programs.  For instance, if you promoted a product in 2014, then If someone buys it in 2016 you will still make the commission.

You are actually doing the work once and you still get paid continually month after month.  Could you handle getting paid continually?

7.  Earning Potential:  We have all heard the expression “earn money while you sleep”.  Sadly this is not true!  Wait a minute folks I’m only kidding you.

Affiliate marketing truly offers a unique opportunity for everyone to earn money 24 hours a day.

You really can make money when you sleep because there are no time constraints to interfere with your income potential.

8.  One Huge Marketplace:  That would be the world wide internet!  As an affiliate marketer you will have access to this huge marketplace whereas local businesses are limited by boundaries.

You have a worldwide audience to go along with this vast marketing empire.  This would increase your probability to sell more products and also offers you a golden opportunity to broaden your options.

With thousands of products available to promote and millions of people searching for products to buy, it’s a win win situation for you!

9.  Vacation Time:  Once you start making good income with affiliate marketing you can take off for a vacation anytime and anywhere.  Of course you will be taking your family and spending quality time with them.beach-1236581_640

What’s really awesome is you will still be earning money while on vacation!  Get paid to have fun, is how I look at it!

10. Everyone is Welcome:  Affiliate marketing is open to all who want to start a home business.  Retiring baby boomers, already retired people, college students, stay at home mom and dads, disabled veterans, anyone disabled, laid off employees, people wanting to quit their jobs and the list is endless.

This concludes my list of 10 key benefits for affiliate marketing, now I have to ask you a question.

 Do these benefits matter to you?

My Final Words

When I first started out, I didn’t have a website and I knew I needed training and help before I could become a successful affiliate marketer!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches people the proven techniques on how to start and build your own  successful affiliate marketing business.  They cater to all kinds of people from beginners to more experienced marketers.

There is a learning curve which takes time to master.  Until you understand the process you won’t be making your millions of dollars overnight.  You have to be persistent and determined in your pursuit. Remember you will only get out of it what you put into it!

I strongly recommend that you do not quit your job until you are making enough money to support your lifestyle.

It’s okay to be skeptical about becoming an affiliate marketer as many people have doubts whether this form of earning an income is suitable for them or not.

To help you with your decision WA offer a Free Starter Membership where you  are given 2 free websites and 10 lessons.  Who doesn’t like Free to help you get started?

They  provide the option to upgrade if you choose to further advance your training.  If you are serious about making even more money this is where you will you will learn how to take your website to the next level.

I truly hope this post has given you insight into the key benefits for affiliate marketing  Any questions or help I would be happy to answer them for you by leaving comments below.

Take Care!




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