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What Comes First?  Create Or Build A Website…question-mark-1020165_1280

I need to get something off my mind that has been bothering me.  I have always questioned if there was a difference between the words create and build.

The word create means to produce or make something new.

The word build means to develop according to a systamatic plan.

Now in order to build out my website I have to create the foundation first.  Yes the foundation also starts with a step by step plan and when you start building out your website this to follows a plan.   Compared to building a house you have to start with a foundation or your house will collapse before it is finished.

This is not intended to be a debate like “which came first, the chicken or the egg”?  I am just trying to clarify that before you can build your website you have to create one first.

First Let’s Go Over The 5 Points Of A Quality Website

  1. Speed and load time –  If  your site is slow and unresponsive you will loose lots of potential customers.
  2. Design and Professional look – When your site is poorly designed  nobody will want to visit.
  3. User friendly – Do you want to look at a site that is not user friendly?
  4. Quality content – Regularly adding new content will attract more visitors who will buy from you.
  5. Uses WordPress – WordPress is where your site will be stored and operates as the framework for your site.

After you  achieve these 5 steps, you will need help from a framework that simplifies the process. Here at Wealthy Affiliate you will be creating your website using WordPress.

Because… wordpress-1288020_640                        

It is the most widely used website framework in the world.   Thanks to their unique Content Management System that WordPress uses.   WP had to evolve to where it is today so…

The Humble Beginnings of Word Press

In 2003 WordPress was launched, however it was just a bare blogging platform.  Matt Wallenweg and Mike Valdrighi had a philosophy to build a well designed and elegent publishing platform that would be easy to use for the average Joe for personal web publishing.  It’s basically built on PHP or Hypertext Processor which is an open source script language.  To this day they are still updating and adding features.   WordPress has definately grown in leaps and bounds and today it is nothing compared to what it was in the early years.

Some Fun Facts and Benefits

  • All WordPress versions are named after Jazz artists
  • Multifaceted – you can build anything you want from  personal blogs, to business sites to membership sites
  • Free – however you will need to have a domain name and server to be able to use wordpress on the internet
  • Make Money – stay at home moms, beginners, marketers and bloggrs to name a few
  • Easy to use -from installing to configuring (not much to to here).  Add posts, pages and images quickly with no problems
  • Accessible – because it is browser based you can log on anywhere provided you have an internet connection.  WP also has a mobile device, just log on and edit
  • SEO friendly – because the code is clean and simple search engines love WordPress
  • No HTML editing or FTP(file transfer protocol) – posts and pages all work using drag and drop no need for HTML know how. And no uploading files to wp site with FTP software
  • Security features – are regularly updated
  • 2008 – wp had 2181 plugins today over 32000
  • 2009 – 779 free themes today 2500
  • Customize your website with over 10,000 add on features

Statistics Tell the Truth

Besides WordPress there are more than 280 CMS platforms available.  The 2 other popular ones are Joomla and Dropal.  I will use these 3 for statistics comparison.

WordPress powers over 70 million websites today, June 2016.   This translates to approximately 26.4% of all the websites in the world. Joomla users are 2.6% and Dropal users are 2.2%.

As you can see these statistics prove that WordPress is the most favourite and popular choice amongst users because no other CMS can beat the usability, functionality and price!  Not to mention the other benefical features!

I love WordPress and being a beginner website owner it has lived up to its reputation!  I am sure the Wealthy Affiliate owners are highly  aware of all the capabilities and functions of WordPress, that’s why they use it.  To teach you and help you learn how to build a successful website.  Wordpress is definately the best CMS platform available when creating and building out your website.

If you are worried about not having any technical skills you do not need any when using WordPress!


Kyle at WA does such an excellent job of showing you and explaining how to create a website through his training video.

I have attached the link to the video below and I hope this will provide you with all the information you need on creating your first website!


create websitevideo

My Final Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed my post and watching how to create a website.  This is just one sample of the excellent training I have used at Wealthy Affiliate to create and build my own website.

If you have any comments or questions please leave a message below.  I will be more than happy to help you and will answer as soon as I can.


Take Care