Daily Profit Machines Review- Buyer Beware!

By | August 30, 2016

Product Name:  Daily Profit Machinesdailypmainpic

Website:  dailyprofitmachines.com

Owners:  Richard Mortimer and Mark Barrett

Price:  $9.18 – plus Up-sells

Overall Rating:  1 out of 10


I received an email from Warrior Plus promoting a newly launched product on August 5th/16.  I had to check out Daily Profit Machines by Richard Mortiner and Mark Barrett because the sales page sounded too good to be true!

I reveiwed this product using my honest and personal opinion to tell you why you should beware of buying this product.

I try to help my readers by providing the necessary information on internet products in order to help you make your own informed decision on whether this product is something you would pay for or not.

Overview of Daily Profit Machines

The Daily Profit Machines is just another list building and growing an email customer base or email marketing. daily proowners Ah ha – their “sneaky” method they use guarantees a continual 100% opt in rate.  They compare this to the traditional way of building a list where you don’t get 100% opt in rate.

Using their new method you get paid daily and the owners state that people fail because they dont’ make money fast enough.

Are they serious?  Really?  This is totally false.  People fail because they lack the proper system to teach them the correct ways for earning a profit. That’s why I failed many times!

I did a google search to see if these guys were legitimate and Mark Barrett has other products similar to Daily Profit Machines and Richard Mortimer made a U-tube video in 2014.

Back to the Sales Page…

Richard Mortimer and Mark Barrett have totally created their sales page by using dailypmoneythe emotional pitch. They are targeting the beginner/newbie with the money angle.  This is such a common way to get people drawn into and buying said program.

What do newbies know about online marketing?  All they see is how much money they can make everyday.

I am using this an example of how an “emotional” sales page will play on your emotions and  this is how I got trapped into buying a very expensive (over $1000) program!    Yes I failed because I let my emotions get the better of me.

What did I learn?  To do research and read between the lines and  beware of what I was buying!

The Daily Profit Machines sales page is very basic and a typical guru site where they don’t reveal anything about what you will be doing, other than using their new method for email marketing.  They repeat over and over again the money you can be making in a day.

I personally do not know anybody that has ever made a profit on their first day.  Please beware of this!

Who Is This Program For?

Daily Profit Machines states that this program is newbie friendly.   Also for the experienced and anybody looking for a brand new method that will quickly earn you $100 per day.

What Training Is Offered?

After you have paid for your program it is normal to be taken to the training page/back office where you sign in and create a user account  Not this program!

I was immediately hit with the first up-sell.  Of course I declined because I was not interested at this time.

In total I was bombarded with 2 more up-sells and 3 down-sells all pitching products to further help you be successful with their program!

At this point I was very annoyed and had a feeling this product was going to be crappy!

At last I am into the program. To my surprise there is no back office to log into and the whole training course  is laid out on one page.  This is not looking good!

This course consists of 5 main videos only!  There is no visual course written out so you can follow at your own pace and absorb the material.

Richard Mortimer is the only speaker on these videos and he has a British accent.  A lot of times he is so soft spoken it is hard to hear and understand him.    He strays away from the topic and talks about something else then goes back to the topic.

I had a very hard time following his train of thought because it is not laid out step by step on the videos. If I had a hard time following the videos, I would assume any beginners would be lost!

The 5 Training Videos are as Follows:

Welcome to Daily Profit Machines:  this video is just a quick hello and introduction.dailypcompariosn

Video 1 – Comparing Opt-in Funnels:  Richard Mortimer explains the difference between the 2 sales funnels where you are offering the customer a product.

One funnel is to get their attention and the second funnel is to close the deal.

When you use a squeeze page you will build a much bigger list but you won’t make as much money, compared to using the affiliate platform funnel.

His preferred choice is to use a squeeze page and get 100% opt-ins.

Video 2 – Software Needed:  you will need to get an auto-responder to send out your emails.  You have to use Get Response because this will integrate with the traffic platform.

Get Response offers your first month free then you will need to pay for a package.  Richard does not suggest which package to get.

Video 3 –  The Traffic Platform:  this video is all about the paid traffic source or buying leads.  opt Intelligence is used because it gets 100% opt-in rate and they offer you $25 free to get started.

After that you will have to pay for your leads atdailypcourse approximately .50 cents per lead.

This is the “sneaky” method he was talking about on the sales page.

Under this video are 4 more click buttons:

  • Get an account with traffic platform
  • Watch the explainer video
  • Watch Get Response tutorials
  • Extra Get Response tutorial showing how  to create an HTML email

Video 4 – Scaling Up With The Software – Part one and Part two:    He explains that you need to be super super targeted in your ads, use a compelling subject line and use an expiring download link.dailypemail2

The link is a countdown timer that can be set up to expire, for example, in 60 seconds.  You can download software for this from DL Guard for a price of $147, but you need a domain and hosting.

He doesn’t show you how to make a super super targeted ad or email.

Under this video are 5 more click buttons:

  • View latest scaling up video
  • View demo of expiring link script
  • Download the expiring download script – this is a demo and not an actual example
  • View the expiring download script instructions
  • Get DL Guard expiring link software

Video 5 –  Scaling Up Your Funnel- Part One:  this video talks about setting up your products without using a domain and hosting.   You need to incorporate content into your emails by using Ezine articles and Marketing Simplified.

AmazonS3 is where you can store your reports, products and videos.  Where to find affiliate dailypcourseproducts like click bank and warrior plus.

Click Funnels is another product where you will have everything in one place.  Richard doesn’t use Click Funnels, he stated he’s an affiliate and gets paid when someone buys from him.  Pretty cheesy!

Under this video are 4 more click buttons:

  • Go to Ezine articles
  • Get an Amazon S3 account
  • Download the Marketing Simplified Package (zip file)
  • See Click funnels

Video 6 – Scaling Up Your Funnel- Part Two:  this video is all about creating your own products using a domain and hosting.

He explains and shows you about buying your own domain and hosting, how to market products, understanding split offers, buying quality products with resell rights, how to set up payment buttons using PayPal and how to set up a one time offer.

Wait a minute didn’t the sales page claim you dont have to make your product?

Under the video are 16 click buttons.  I did a screen shot just to prove that these are legitimate.



The last 2 are Up-sells by the way!

In closing the training, Richard does a quick summary video.

Any Support or Help Available?

I noticed there is no ready accessible help or support available.   In Video 5 Richard mentions if you need help you could email him.  He doesn’t tell you what his email is but the email address is in the email he sent me.

Let’s Look At The Pros and Cons of Daily Profit Machines!

I will be listing them in no particular order.


  • Some useful information
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • No free trial offer
  • Training is hard to follow
  • Can’t change videos to full screen
  • No written instructions
  • No examples on how to write an ad for you to follow
  • Only email support
  • No training on building a website
  • Way too many up-sells and down-sells

Price To Buy This Product?

There is only one purchase price and many up-sells  and down-sells they suggest you buy in order to be successful.

  • Price:  $9.18- I paid $7.67 as price goes up  with every purchase
  • Up-Sell 1:  800 email marketing subject lines – $17 – Perhaps these are the cheat sheets?
  • Up-Sell 2:  Richard’s course on email marketing plus weekly live Q&A – $37
  • Up-Sell 3:  6o day Coaching offer for – $197
  • Down-sell 4:  30 day Coaching offer for – $97

At the end of the training course the above up-sells and down-sells are there again waiting for you to click on.  Plus a bonus which is provided for free.

Also another up-sell where Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett will build your business for you.  There is no price.  You find all this out when you listen to the 7 minute video!

Besides getting an autoresponder Get Response and opt Intelligence, which is your traffic platform, I am going to list below further product options to buy:

  • DLGuard – $147
  • Click Funnels – 14 day free trial offer then –  $97 or $297 per month package.  By the way, Richard  said he does not use Click Funnels.  He is an affiliate and will get paid if you buy from him.
  • Quality Click Control:  one month free –  3 packages to choose from – $16 -$29 – $63
  • Click Tracker:  no free offers –  3 packages to choose from – $147 – $167 – $247.

My Final Opinion!

After spending 2 days going through the training course I will say “Daily Profit Machines is too good to be true!”  I am not saying it is a scam just be buyer aware for this product!   My concluding opinion is I do not recommend you buy Daily Profit Machines and give it a 1 out of 10 rating.

I feel this program is way out of the ballpark for a newbie with no experience and I certainly don’t feel comfortable recommending this program plus you won’t be making money any time soon, if at all.

This is definitely not for a beginner and it will help if you have some experience and technical skills.  I am not a beginner and yet I was confused for example, on how to set up an ad and an email properly. This I blame on the training as there is no written examples to follow.

DPM is a stand alone product and not a membership site, therefore, you only have yourself and the training to rely on for making your online business work.  If you pay $8 for a product then you get what you pay for.

Email marketing and getting traffic is nothing new.  There is a lot of free information to be found on the internet when you search.

Their method is not new either, they claim it is all about the whole process working together.  The sneaky method Richard talks about he never really tells you what it is.  I have a good feeling it is the Opt Intelligence traffic platform because you will get 100% opt-ins when you use this system.

There are so many processes to follow and a lot of confusion, in my opinion, that their claim to an easy and simple set up is not true.  Being a beginner you have no experience and so much to learn about building a business these processes will only hinder you.

It took me 2 days to go through the training material and I wonder how the owners can claim you can be set up and running in 1 day and making a profit?

I also have to say that the owners are extremely clever and they know a beginner or even an experienced person will need more help and further training. That’s what the up-sells are for to entice you to pay for extra training, coaching and the cheat sheets.

All the up-sell products cost money and a lot of money when you put them together!  I objected and did not like getting hammered with the up-sells as soon as I got into the program!  I found it was a negative experience and pushed me away from getting into the training course.

This system says you can make money with a website to create your own product, however it is just a squeeze page.  Big difference between the two.   Why go through a lot of work and hassle and money to create a product, when you can build your own website and sell affiliate products?

Not only is it a lot cheaper but you can brand a name for yourself and build your own list at the same time.  It is pretty much a given that in order to be successful in the online world one should have their own website.

Because of my own experiences I have learnt that in order to be successful in making money with affiliate marketing you need a website.  DPM training only shows you how to make a squeeze page and not a true website.  I feel this will hinder your learning, plus you will be throwing your money away.

They only provide email help and support.  When I first started out I had many questions to be answered and so will you.  I felt very frustrated waiting for an email answer and I would feel awful letting a a beginner go through this experience.

If this was a decent online program they should offer some other form of help besides using emails.   It’s a big waste of your time waiting for email answers.

The video training is ok but I felt there were way to many processes to set up and all the click buttons under each training module don’t really have a lot of explanation, and I felt really lost and confused.  Are the owners going to implement updates to improve these processes?

I could keep writing about this buyer beware program but I have said enough.

Let’s Compare Wealthy Affiliate to Daily Profit Machines!

As you can see in the screenshot, Wealthy Affiliate beat Daily Profit Machines hands down!

In Closing: My personal recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate!

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate because it is the #1 online training program in today’s internet market.  This is the best place I have found that truly  provides  everything  you need to learn in regards to building your own successful website business.

My personal struggles were finding a program that catered to my needs, such as training, support and  help learning about affiliate marketing.   Wealthy Affiliate suited my needs, that’s why I am a member!

No matter what time of day there is always somebody in the WA community to offer help and support for your questions.

The training is a combination of video and written and the lessons are step by step so you can work at your own pace.

If you want to see what WA has to offer why not take a test drive?    Get Started For Free today!  Absolutely no risk involved!

I am here to help you out if you have any questions or concerns.

Maybe you have experienced the Daily Profit Machines program?  If you like you can share  your story here as I would love to hear about it.

If you could please leave your questions and comments that you have for me below.   I will reply as soon as I can.

Take Care


2 thoughts on “Daily Profit Machines Review- Buyer Beware!

  1. Neil

    There seems to be a lot of squeeze page and email list building programs these days, and they all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread. The sales pages are usually flashy, telling you exactly what you want to hear as an opportunity seeker. They’re awesome… until you join and you’re disappointed!

    Daily Profit Machines is certainly another hyped up program, and from your cons it’s not worth joining at all. The upsells and downsells are ridiculous too because any legit program should cost just one fee whether it’s a one off or monthly.

    I think I’ll be sticking with your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation.


    1. Barb Post author

      Hi Neil! Thank you for your comments and I couldn’t agree with you more. I have come across so many email list building sites that are total garbage. It is hard to find an honest program and a community like Wealthy Affiliate. There seems to be an epidemic of bad sites and unless you check them out, you might find a diamond in the rough, who knows eh!

      Have a good day


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