How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

By | September 4, 2016

I was first introduced to affiliate marketing way back in 1999.  Wow that’s a long time ago! bestbuy  Since then it has grown in popularity so much that people from all walks of life are making a living and being successful with affiliate marketing.

Perhaps you are looking at this method to make money and want to jump on board but you are questioning what exactly an affiliate marketer does.  In the following blog post I will show you the basics of what you need to become an affiliate marketer.

My first Attempt at Affiliate Marketing!

There really wasn’t a whole lot to choose from on the internet in the late 90’s.  But I managed to find Clickbank, which launched in 1998, and I was so fascinated and intrigued with the meager smorgasbord of products available to buy and sell.

I wanted to earn some extra money and being an affiliate marketer was my ticket to that goal.  Browsing and reading and finding out what I could about this subject still left me wondering how do I become an affiliate marketer?

Whoopee!  Was I excited to find an ebook on how to do this!  Of course it was a clickbank product so I went ahead and purchased it for $5.

Back then emails were much slower arriving and it took one day before I received my ebook.  I was expecting a 10 page ebook and what a shock I got when it consisted of only 2 pages!

Not only that but it was all about just pick a product, get a link and track it and full of statistics on the author’s sales.  What the heck did I just buy?

I was so mad because this was not what I was expecting and I felt better after ripping it to pieces and tossing in the garbage.

Looking back that was my first introduction to affiliate marketing.  Now I can laugh about it but in reality this  dismal experience pushed me to find the answer.

If you are ready to learn what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer then let’s get started!

Prepare Yourself  With The Following Basics:

1. Training – with proper training you will gain knowledge and the understanding of how the whole process works.  Without any kind of training I am sorry to say, you will not have any success.

2. Picking a Niche –  this is where you will choose something you are passionate about, for example, cameras.   Not only that but you will have to be   knowledgeable about your niche.  You will require a lot of information and ideas about the niche you choose because you are going to be writing about your topic of interest.

3. Own a Website –  it’s just common knowledge that in order to be successful in todays web market you will need a website.  Your own website will   make you an authority in your niche and gain trust from your customers.

4.  Join an Affiliate Program – and they are all free to join.  Whatever niche you are promoting there are tons of affiliate programs and a huge variety of niches to choose from.

There is a huge sweet spot with affiliate marketing and that’s why I love being a marketer!  You can be making money selling merchant products that you don’t need to buy and own.

You are not responsible any for inventory and all the customer issues and processes is the responsibility of the merchant.  All you need to do is promote and sell the product you are passionate about.

How Do You Do That?

Remember, there is virtually millions of different products  available on the internet to buy.  The merchants behind these products are always looking to boost their sales and increase their customers.

This is where affiliate marketers come into play and can help the merchants out.  Perhaps you are a huge camera nut and you have one favorite camera that you positively love.

Here comes the good part.  Why not put your passion for cameras online so you can share it with the world wide web?  Below is a few easy steps to follow that will show you exactly what to do.

  • Join and affiliate program for that product.
  • On your website you will be writing a review of said product and giving that product praise.
  • Write and submit articles to various article directories and have a link pointing back to your review site.
  • Social sharing through Facebook and Twitter your articles and product reviews.

This Is How You Get Paid!

Upon joining an affiliate program you will be given you own unique ID number.  This number will help you keep track of all your sales also the number of clicks you receive.  You will be able to link to products within your website.

People will be reading your product review and if you have given them satisfaction because of your review, they are more than likely going to purchase.   Once they click your link and they do buy the product because of your recommendation, you will be paid a percentage of the sale.

The more you promote the more money you will make!

Finding Affiliate Programs

It’s not really hard finding these programs because they are everywhere.  All you need to do is look for them.  A lot of websites list their affiliate program right at the very bottom of their site.  The Amazon affiliate program is the most popular and you also have Click bank and too many to list here.

If you are looking to affiliate with Best Buy for example, go right to Google and do a search.  Type in Best Buy and add affiliate behind it.

Here’s a screenshot:best buy aff

Do Affiliate Programs Cost Money to Join?

Absolutely not!   Remember the merchants need your help to bring in more business and the tools they offer to you are all free.   You are doing them a service and in return you do not have to pay to promote their product.  Watch out and please do not pay for any affiliate programs you join because these sites are ripping you off so avoid at all costs.

I’ve Heard You Don’t Need Training To Be An Affiliate Marketer – Is That True?

I tried without any training and I totally failed!  What’s the point of trying to earn extra money at affiliate marketing when you don’t know the whole process?  If you think you can start making money without any training, I wish you all the best in your attempt.

A lot of sites claim you can make money but they neglect to show you the proper procedures, or they want you to pay extra money so they can show you.  I failed at so many attempts until I found Wealthy Affiliate!

For over 10 years Wealthy Affiliate has taught and is still teaching people on how to to run a  successful  affiliate marketing business!  So if you are dead serious about becoming an affiliate marketer and honestly wanting to learn  how, you should consider checking them out.


I hope I have helped you understand the basics of becoming an affiliate marketer.  If you have further questions please leave them in the comments below and I will be happy to provide an answer as soon as I can.

Take Care!







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