The Jaaxy Review – The Best Keyword Search Tool Is Jaaxy!

By | May 28, 2016
Product Name:  Jaaxy
Website URL:
Price:  3 options:  Free Trial  $0, Pro-$49/month, Enterprise-$99/month
Owners:  Kyle and Carson (of Wealthy Affiliate)
Overall Rating:  98/100 
Recommendation:  Jaaxy is 100% Legitimate and I highly recommend this keyword tool!
 Updated Sept/2017

Jaaxy Product Overview

There’s a lot of keyword tools on the market that will do the job, ( I have tried a few over the years) but I found the best keyword search tool is Jaaxy!  Not only is it the most advanced keyword research tool available but is it perfect for anyone doing keyword research on a daily basis.

Because there are tons of keyword tools to choose from, a lot of people are uncertain as to what keyword tool is the best.  The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review should help resolve this and answer any questions that you may have regarding Jaaxy.

What is Jaaxy? 22jaaxy  

Simply put, the Jaaxy platform takes keyword data from Google and other  search engine results through comparative data testing revealing data that provides accurate, up to-date and true results.  Jaaxy was created by the owners, Kyle and Carson, who also own the Wealthy Affiliate program.  Their main goal is to truly help people by providing a keyword tool that gives the end user the results they are looking for.

…So What are you looking for…

When you are doing keyword research?  Jaaxy  mainly focuses on 2 keyword data points:

  1. Traffic – it sure does help to know how much traffic a keyword is getting.  If you choose a keyword with high traffic you will have an uphill battle trying to rank in the search engines.
  2. Competition – The single most valuable piece of data that you can have is knowing the competition that a keyword has in the search engines.  You do need to know how many websites are ranked for a keyword.  If you pick a keyword with high competition again you will be battling to get good rankings.  Jaaxy is the only tool that provides this feature.

I used to hate doing keyword searches, and I am sure a lot of other people still feel the same way.   Back in the day, my manual reasearch was done on the Google keyword  tool.  It was such a mundane, boring and time consuming effort and not that efficient.  Of course this has been replaced with the Keyword Planner.  I find this tool to have a confusing user interface, reduced features, and a mandatory Google Adwords account.  I am not a fan of the keyword planner and it is my choice not to use it.  I still use Google instant, that’s a given.

Jaaxy follows such a simple concept and really why do you need graphs and other bells and whistles that only confuse you and besides you really don’t need them.

Can Anyone Use Jaaxy?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Jaaxy is open to everybody.  Because of it’s simplistic design and is user-friendly it is ideal for beginners.  Even internet marketers doing keyword research on a daily basis or occasionally, then Jaaxy is the perfect tool for you.  I will tell you right now that I am a senior citizen and  I find this tool so easy to use and very understandable and the search results are fast.  So if I can figure out how to use Jaaxy and get results, is that not a testament to the validity of Jaaxy?

Here’s The Process I Use To Find Money Making Keywords!

Finding profitable keywords for your niche is not hard.   It really is easy and I will show you how to find great money making keywords that will get you ranked in Google.  The traffic comes once you start to get rankings, then you should start seeing some sales.

Below is a Screenshot of a search I did on the diapers niche, just for an example.  I have no prior knowledge in this niche.  Let’s see what  I came up with.

Barb’s random sample 1:



The Avg,Traffic, QSR, KQI, and SEO columns require an explanation.    These features are the most important and will help you understand how keyword research works and how to get top ranks in the search engines.

Are You Ready…..then let’s go….

  • AVG – is the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.  Only pick the keyword if it gets more than 50 searches.
  • TRAFFIC – visists to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines.
  • QSR – stands for quoted search results.  In other words, the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.  You should be picking a keyword below 300 as your chances are much better.  The closer to 0 even better to get ranked.
  • KQI – stands for keyword quality indicator.  Green is great, yellow is ok and red is poor
  • SEO – stands for a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page.

Back to the screenshot…

As you can see, there a 8 keywords (all green) that indicate they would do well for ranking.  Sometimes when you search you will see keywords that are an awkward arrangement so they don’t make sense.  If you look under the brainstorm column you will find diapers com. What the heck is that word and what does it mean?  I don’t know so please do not pick this keyword or others that you might find because they have to make sense.  Afterall you will be writing content on your site and how would you write about this bizarre word?

Here’s another screenshot using the Jaaxy alpahabet soup keyword search using baby diapers

This is close to the normal Jaaxy keyword search and just a little  different layout because you add a letter of your choosing to expand the search and dig a little deeper.

I choose the letter “e” after baby diapers , the results are below:




Then I went ahead and choose the keyword eco friendly baby diapers and this is what Jaaxy came up with:

Jaaxy is so POWERFUL!


jaaxy 10

Here’s a comparison screen shot using google instant:


In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 284 already displayed.

For comparison purposes, to find the competition using Google instant you have to go to the last page.  Here we see 284 as opposed to the original 628,000.  Quite a difference!

Jaaxy pulled out another 16 keywords.  They are all usable and this is so Awesome! This is just an example of how to do keyword searches using Jaaxy and Google instant.  You can still  dig deeper with Jaaxy if you want a keyword with less than 100 searches.
Jaaxy is so fast, easy and a time saver.  Just look at all the keywords I uncovered in less that 5 minutes!

Find out where your Website RANKS in Google!

There’s a new site rank feature in Jaaxy that allows you to find out instantly where your site ranks in Google using a mixture of different keywords.  Using the site rank search bar, type in your keywords and get results in seconds. You can manually do this in Google but it is pain -stakingly slow because you have to search through hundreds of results just to find your website.   Jaaxy solves this problem by giving you results in seconds.

Training and Support

The training and support is excellent. There is full training available inside the Jaaxy program.  Kyle and Carson provide both videos and visual training making it so easy to understand.
If you require help all you have to do is fill out an email form and send.  One of the owners  will contact you in a timely manner.

The Pros 

  • Get your first 30 searches for free.
  • The QSR feature makes it easy to narrow down your competition.
  • The KQI feature decides whether a keyword is good or not.
  • Refer people and earn additional free credits.
  • Additional features that you won’t find with other keyword tools.
  • Uses an online system –  no software to download or install.
  • Can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection.

The Cons

  • Some of the features are to advanced for some of the users.

How Much Does the POWERFUL JAAXY TOOL Cost?

As you can see in the chart below your first 30 searches are free.

Pro Plan – $19.00/mnth or $199.00 USD per year

Enterprise Plan – $49.00/mnth or $499.00 USD per year ( savings of $89.00)

You Can Pick The Jaaxy Plan That Fits Your Budget Here

The value you get from Jaaxy just blows the competion away!

jaaxy free

Here’s Your OPPORTUNITY to try out Jaaxy for FREE and find some AWESOME KEYWORDS!

Quick Summary Of What Jaaxy Has To Offer

  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • QSR (Competion) function
  • KQI feature
  • Website rank tool
  • Alphabet soup function

Final Overview

Product Name:  Jaaxy
Website URL:
Price:  3 options:  Free Trial, Pro-$19/month, Enterprise-$49/month  
Owners:  Kyle and Carson (of Wealthy Affiliate)
Overall Rating:  98/100 
Recommendation:  Jaaxy is 100% Legitimate and I highly recommend this keyword tool!

My Final Thoughts

There are so many features that Jaaxy has to offer I would be here forever trying to list them all.  I just gave a a rundown of the basic features and these are the ones I also like to use.

I would suggest taking it for test drive first if you are undecided on a plan.  Get a feel for it and take things from there. I know you won’t want to go without it once you start using it.

Perhaps you have tried Jaaxy and would like to share your experience?  I would love to hear from you.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this review as I would love to hear these as well.   I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

I hope by reading my Jaaxy Keyword Tool review it has helped you make a sound decision on which keyword tool is suitable for you.                                                                                                     

Take Care


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