What Is Affiliate Commission Pro? A Scam Product From Jeff Baxter Or The Real Deal?

By | June 30, 2016

Product Name:  Affiliate Commission Pro                                          acpvideos

Website: affiliatecommissionpro.com

Owner:  Jeff Baxter

Price:  14 days trial offer for $1.00 or$47.00/ month – plus Up-sells

Overall Rating:  3/10

I happened to stumble across Affiliate Commission Pro while I was searching for something else.  I am always open to looking at sites just to see what’s new and check them out to decide what sites are good or bad.  So I did a bit of research and found this Clickbank product was released in February 2016 by Jeff Baxter.  There was something on the sales page that caught my attention.

To satisfy my curiosity, I went ahead and  bought the $1 trial to see for myself.  I want to share my honest and personal opinion so you can decide for yourself. Here’s my in-depth review on what is Affiliate Commission Pro.

Overview of Affiliate Commission Pro

On the presentation page, Jeffrey explains that ACP is a training platform geared for beginners wanting to get into affiliate marketing and help them succeed..  If you follow the 9 training modules and implement the steps provided you will be on your way to building a huge mailing list and that’s how you will earn $100.00 days and up to $2500.00 month, or more.

This program teaches you how to sell Affiliate Commission Pro and be successful and you can use the same methods to promote other products.

So What Caught My Attention?acpsalespage


“3rd Grader Friendly Affiliate System – Easy For Beginners!”   Is this for real?  And a very bold statement in my opinion.  I  thought about what I had just read a bit and it got me thinking in 2 different directions.

One being, is this for 3rd graders because it is easy?  Or because it is so easy and user friendly, the 3rd graders are being compared to all beginners?  hmm…

Some Noteworthy Stuff On The Sales Page!!!acp-3amigos

Something I noticed right away was there’s a picture of Jeff Baxter, Aidan Corkery, and Huw Hughes.  All that is mentioned is these 3 put ACP together.  I know Jeff Baxter did all the talking in the videos and you see him but the other two amigos?  I guess they are the silent partners and work behind the scenes.

So why didn’t he tell us some background on them?  Jeff himself tells us he has been involved online since 2008 plus he is a coach/mentor. I did a Google search on Aiden and I received an email from Huw and they both apparently are involved in their own businesses.

When you watch the intro video the screen is very small and you cannot make it any bigger.   I could have used a magnifying glass!  Also noticed there is a banner that runs across the screen telling you someone just made a sale.  Funny thing is they use the same person twice. That’s a bit odd and very questionable to me.

Did you notice Ajay c. just made a sale?




This next screenshot I feel is very important and I will mention it. acpsteps This is my personal opinion and you might not agree.  There are actually 4 steps to online success.  They are missing the most important step 1- your own website.  This is where you gain trust and credibility from your visitors/traffic.  And you can use your customers to build a list.

This program is for beginners and they will have a hard time and most likely have no success and give up all because they did not have a website.  It’s common knowledge on the internet today that to be successful in affiliate marketing, you need a website!

I also found another “quote” and again I am a little leery on one in particular.  Jeff claims thatacppromise you can start making money within a week.  I find this very misleading.  Is this a lie?  No one yet knows what the program involves and I know being a newbie you just can’t jump out of the gate and expect to make money asap.

There’s a huge learning curve and it takes time. Unsuspecting newbies can quite easily get caught on this point because they have been lead to believe they can make money within a week.  Have a look at the screenshot – first bullet.

Let’s Look at What Training and Tools are Offeredacpmenu

The basic $47/month membership includes:

  • 9 training videos
  •  A tracking system tool for your leads and sales
  •  Access to the Marketing center- your squeeze page for collecting emails and set up your already done autoresponder emails
  • Bonuses – for other marketing programs to ebooks.  I was not interested so I cannot give feedback


  • Affiliate Social Pro – $27.00 – 4 training videos
  • ACP 6 Figure Continuity Workship – $47.00 – 1 training video
  • ACP 6 Figure Endless Traffic Mastery – $97.00 – 11 training videos
  • Call Jeff – His Coaching site – $3000.00/year or $297.00/mnth
  • You can also earn 50% commission as you can sell these products

I am not able to comment on the content or quality of these videos as I did not purchase them.  I guess the one good thing is these are a one time purchase as opposed to the monthly charge.

What’s Included in the Training Videos?

I am going to list each video and give a short breakdown of what’s included and what you will be doing. All the videos are approximately 5 minutes long, easy to follow and understand.  I had no problems following along with the videos and Jeff Baxter is well spoken and he knows his business.

Video 1:  Overview

  • Here Jeff explains how to navigate the sections and gives a brief overview of the training center.

Video 2:  Sign Up for Your Autoresponder

  • You will have to purchase an Aweber account (auto responder), Jeff walks you through the process.

Video 3:  Creating your List and ACP Integration 

  • Jeff will show you how to set up your list and then how to integrate your Aweber account with ACP.

Video 4:  Setting Up your Follow Up Messages

  • You will learn how to set up your follow up messages for your Aweber account.  This involves buying a domain name.  All the messages are provided and all you do is copy and paste.

Video 5:  Building a 10K Mailing List Fast while Making Money Simultaneously

  • This video will teach you how to build a 10k mailing list and make money at the same time.  Jeff’s method is to buy your traffic from Solo Ads.  On the Udimi site, he shows you how to find a reputable seller that makes money.
  • He also mentions that you will need 1000 clicks before you will see any action.  For example, one seller is offering his ad for .59 each.  Times this by 1000 and you will be spending $590.00.

Video 6:  Posting a Forum Classified Ad

  • In this video, you will be taught how to post an ad in the Warrior Forum.  Again you will be paying approximately $20.00 for placing the ad.  This is another paid traffic method you can use.

Video 7 & 8:  Free Traffic & Sales with Your Warm Market

  • These 2 videos are combined because they are dealing with using free traffic from Facebook.  You will have to purchase another domain name and you will learn how to set up this domain integrating your Facebook account.
  • This is free traffic however your warm market will be people you know and family.  Jeff suggests you contact 20 people a day until you are finished with your list.
  • I don’t think this is a very good free method unless all your contacts would be willing to join you and start there own to make money business. More than likely people are not going to join via this method.   This is the only free method offered.

Video 9:  10,000 a Month Selling Traffic

  • In this video, you will be shown a method on how to take advantage of your list as a way to earn a lot more money.  How you do this is by selling traffic to your subscribers.  But there is a problem.  It is recommended that you have at least 5,000 people on your list, otherwise, it is not going to work very well.
  • That’s why it is very important to build that huge list first.   When you have your 5,000 subscribers  you know you can implement this method and start your climb to earning 10,000.00 or more.

Is this for Beginners Only?

This program is basically geared towards the beginner, however, Jeff states that anyone can use it.  Everything you need for the beginner is laid out step by step.  Just copy and paste and you are good to go.

If you are just starting out then this system is very helpful, however, if you are more experienced  you could take advantage of  the premade script content and create your own.

This is suitable for:

  • people wanting to make money through affiliate marketing
  • people wanting to build a list
  • people looking for fast success ( so Jeff proclaims)

Is there Support?acpfacebook

Yes.  They provide a ticket system.  When I tried using it I found it very fussy and by that I mean when I put in my login information it took me 3 tries to log in.  Very frustrating and it took 2 days for an answer!  I tried again to put in a question and it kept taking me back to my original question.

I personally do not like ticket support because they are not reliable and you are kept waiting for an answer.  This slows down your progress and makes me wonder if there is anybody there that will help you in a timely manner. They state fast success but if you can’t get fast help?

They also provide help and support with their exclusive Facebook Group.  I never had access to this so I could not try it out.  Perhaps I had to be a monthly member first but it doesn’t say on the sales page.  You are also relying on like-minded people to help with your questions and keep you on track.

Let’s Look at the Pros and Cons of this Program:


  • Beginner Friendly – easy to follow methods and you don’t need technical skills
  • All Video Tutorials – I think they should have written material so this could be a con also
  • Create a List – using Aweber
  • 14 day Trial offer for $1.00
  • Support is available but not very fast and no live chat
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Training is very basic
  • No one on one support
  • Videos too small cannot expand to full screen
  • Limited content
  • Paying for traffic
  • Only one free traffic method
  • Upgrading to get access to all the features
  • Upsells to buy for your upgrading is $124.00 plus the monthly fee
  • How to build a website – the program suggests you do not need a website to make money online, in reality, this is false.  I believe building your own website is the most important part of having an online business as this definitely helps to create a brand for yourself.

Price to Join:

  • Trial Offer:  $1.00 -14 days
  • Main Product:  $47.00/month
  • Affiliate Social Pro:  $27.00 – one time offer
  • ACP 6 Figure Continuity Workship:  $47.00 – one time offer
  • ACP 6 Figure Endless Traffic Mastery:  $97.00 – one time offer
  • Call Jeff – His Coaching site:  $3000.00/year or $297.00/mnth

Like I mentioned earlier I tried this product out and I cruised through the 9 training videos in about 2 hours.  Yes, it was easy and I did try implementing the free traffic method to see if I could make money fast.  However, my warm market using facebook did not work out so good because I do not have a lot of friends or family.

Buying traffic is so expensive and I don’t have the money to put out.  In my opinion, if you are new to affiliate marketing I cannot see people paying big money right up front.

Are there people out there who would?  After you start implementing  the 9 videos and you get through them will you be satisfied or do you want to pay for more training?

The support is not very good either.  If I have a question at 2 in the morning I shouldn’t have to wait  2 days for the owners to reply. Their ticket system has flaws in it and it was frustrating to generate a ticket.

The Facebook support group  I never got to try because I had to be a paid member. Maybe this is  done on purpose so you have to pay for your help?

In regards to the training on how to set up a list and use Aweber, this is pretty basic stuff and available for free all over the internet.

The upsells for training I had no access to so I cannot comment.  Maybe these videos are more in-depth and longer or just the same as the first 9 videos?

This system says you can make money without a website.  You are missing out on so much if you don’t have a website!  One benefit of having your own website is the branding power you can create plus you can have a list, just to name a few.

Do you think you can make money without a website?

My Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Let’s see how this product compares to my #1 Recommendation below:

As you can see in the screenshot, Wealthy Affiliate beat Affiliate Commission Pro hands down!

Now I will answer the Question  – is Affiliate Commission Pro a Scam or the Real Deal?

To be honest with you, after reviewing this program, it is the real deal and I will recommend it.  I only gave it a 3-star rating because I feel this program is  not going to help you make money online and I do not feel comfortable recommending this to a newbie with no experience.

I know through my own experiences that you need a website in order to be successful with affiliate marketing.  As ACP does not provide website training I feel this would hinder your learning and progress.  And you will be throwing your money away.

They provide very limited help and support.  Being a beginner you will have so many questions that you want answered right away.  I know I had lots of questions and I would get so frustrated waiting for help and support.  I would feel terrible letting a beginner experience this.

The training they provide is very basic and I did not see anything about where they will implement updates to improve their training.  Things change very fast in the internet world and what worked today doesn’t mean it will work 3 or 6 months from now.

So with that being said, my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because…

WA is the number one online training program available in the market today!  I am a member and it is the best place that provides you with everything you need to  learn on how to build your own online business.

I was personally struggling with finding a good program that offered website training, support, help and I needed to learn about affiliate marketing.  I was so impressed with what WA had to offer in particular, how to build a website from the ground up.

The help and support have always been there for me no matter what time of day, someone in the WA community has helped me out with my sometimes (silly) questions.

I could take my time with the easy training lessons and no one was pushing or rushing me to get the lessons done fast – I worked at my own pace.

My experience at WA has been so fulfilling and rewarding!  Why not take a test drive and see everything they have to offer?  You can Get Started For Free today!   No risk involved  because you won’t be spending any money!

I will be here to help you out with any questions or concerns.

Have you any experience with the ACP program?  Would you like to share your story today?  Not only would I love to hear about it,  I’m positive that other people would as well.

If you could please leave your comments or any feedback, positive or negative that you have for me below.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take Care








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