What is Search Engine Optimization Stragtegy


What is SEO?search-engine-optimization-575035_1920

Basically, search engine optimization, or SEO for short, means finding ways to improve your webite’s appearance or visibility in visitors’ search results. This is normally the way to get  traffic to your site.  The ultimate goal of all business websites is to be ranked on page one of Google.  Or the more traffic your site gets then the higher your rank in the search engines.

Now let’s take a look a what is search engine optimization strategy and how you can increase your search engine ranking by following the five SEO strategies below.


One needs to be mindful when placing relevant keywords in your titles, content, url’s and image names.  The keywords you use throughout your website make it possible for customers to find your site via search engines.  Of course you need to determine who your customer is, what and why they are purchasing online.  It is up to you to find relevant keywords which in turn will attract visitors and potential customers.

When a user’s search term matches the keywords you used on your site then in turn, your site will be ranked and show up in the search engine results.

The 3 most important spots to add keywords is in the title tag, pageheader and include somewhere in the first paragraph of your page or post.


Today it’s all about the quality of your  content and NOT the quantity.  It should be fresh, well informed, authoratative, researched, andcontent-1315878_1920 updated when needed. One surefire way to create a steady stream of new content is to incorporate a blog on your website.

Please remember ALL content should be written for your audience/visitors, not keywords.  You can use your “keywords” as influence.  Do not use as a tool to instill your article with keywords.  Caution – Google will punish or banish your website if you are found guilty of keyword stuffing your content.  Also Google’s latent semantic indexing, or LSI is expanding to include synonyms of keywords.  When writing content just keep the users in mind and Google will figure out what your site is all about.


Want an easy way to boost traffic to your pages?  One simple basic SEO strategy is the integration of internal links into your site.  When creating new content you should make it a practice to automatically link back to your pages.  I will advise you to make the anchor text search engine friendly.  In other words – when more relevant keywords point to a page, that page will more than likely appear in search results when users do a Google search with those terms.

As with the other SEO processes you have to make sure your links are appropriate.  Be careful and mindful that you do not cross the line and get into link stuffing. (just like keyword stuffing) You definately don’t want to annoy your visitors as they are potential customers!

IMAGES-TEXT                                                                                                                                                                                  internet-315132_1280

Images are also a valuable part of search engine optimization and your website should have images.  However, the search engine spiders can only search text.  They cannot search the text in your images which is why you need to make the keywords words as decriptive as possible.  You can fix this problem by adding and ALT tag to all your image names.  This allows you to provide a keyword rich description for all images on your website.


You can make you URLs more search engine friendly by naming them with clear, concise and readable keywords.

In closing I have to mention that SEO strategies are amongst the most rapidly evolving.  What worked years ago does not work today.  Yes SEO is now more complex but just as relevant.  Thats why it is extremly important for you to stay on top of the always evolving search engine processes.

My Final Thoughts…

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I honestly hope my post has helped everyone out and has given you a basic explanation in regards to search engine optimization. If you have any further questions or if I can help you out,  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


Take Care